Monday, May 2, 2011

All Thumbs

Every morning I make my coffee and then sit down at the computer to see what's going on in my various social networks. Chillin' with my peeps you could say.

Today one of my friends on Facebook had a birthday (yes, a real friend, that I actually know). I headed on over to her page and wished her a great day and decided while I was there to look around and see what she was up to. She had one post that made me laugh, so I thought I would share it with Bob while he was getting ready for work.

"Hey pumpkin, listen to this."

Did you know it takes seven seconds for your food to reach your stomach? (There is no response from the bedroom, I know he is listening so I keep going.)

A human hair can hold three kilograms....(still quiet).

The length of a penis is three times the length of the thumb. I attempt to keep reading...The femur-"Wait, what did you say about a penis?" (As if on cue.)

I talk right over him...The femur is as strong as concrete.

Bob is now in the kitchen with his hand in front of his face looking at his thumb.

I continue....A woman's heart beats faster than a mans. Women blink twice as much as men. (He attempts to interrupt me, waving his hand but I just want to get to the finish.)

We use 300 muscles just to keep our balance. (Bob is now puffing out his chest and going on about "Did you see my thumb? Honey, stop reading and look at this." I expect any minute for him to start thumping his chest.) A woman has read this entire post.

I pause for effect here and look at Bob, he is smiling broadly...waggling his thumb back and forth at me.

I repeat...A woman has read this entire post.

A man is still looking at his thumb.

Bob says where's my tape measure? As he walks out the door for work he waves his big ole hand at me with a goofy grin on his face. Boys.


Kristen said...

I give this blog two thumbs up...Andrew gives it three!

Madre Minutes said...

So fun.....and typical. It is my husband, our husbands that keep things in perspective really. As you mention the woman has finished reading the post while the man is stuck on his women we are so detail oriented that sometimes we lose perspective or let the details rob us of our joy. This was a great post and thanks for tuning into Madre Minutes. I hope you enjoyed the program. I will continue my series this month on Name Tags. Take care and I'll see you in a minute.
Kindest regards,
@madreminutes ironic that the word verification below....sizet.

Itsme. said...

Yes, I would say my husband most definitely that keeps things in perspective. And I did enjoy your program, hopefully I will be in next Monday too!

Cheers! said...

This made me laugh out loud at my desk! I live with 4 boys and can tell you that the fascination with their "parts" starts young...very young. I'm going to read this little quip to all 4 of them and see which one grabs the tape measure first! Thanks for the giggle! :)

todd carr said...

didn't know that women are mega blinkers vs men. I'll be checking that out today...haha

yeah, have to admit. I'm checking out my thumb also. :O these damn, petitie hands!

Anonymous said...

Ha. Ha. Like Kristen, I give this post a two thumbs up.

Ry said...

Love it.. and what can I say, us men, we keep it simple.... now where is my tape measure...


Clarabel said...

Very funny, aren't they so predictable?!

Thanks for stopping by my blog on the Rewind, thought I'd return the visit. Glad I did!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

LOL! Lovely post.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

hearts_in_asia said...

Ha! Very funny! Tempted to show this to my boy, hehe.